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About Me

I am a dual French-British national. I hold a degree in English and French law with French language awarded by the Universities of East Anglia and Lyons (Jean Moulin III). I also hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Translation. After qualifying and working as a Barrister in London, I have worked in French real estate since 2001. I have also provided translation, interpretation, advice and assistance services to English-speakers moving, living and working in France over that time. I am also a qualified property valuer. I have considerable professional and personal experience of many different aspects of French life from divorce to water divining!

Products and Services – I can help with:

Translating documents, including legal ones

Accompanying you, representing you and interpreting at all sorts of meetings, including with officials (within the Gascony area which is where I live). I am specialised in real estate matters (house purchasing, ownership and selling).

I can also write letters for you, fill in forms, make telephone calls, explain how things work (health system, schools, legal system, work, residency permits, obtaining French nationality etc), demystify officialdom. I can liaise on your behalf with all sorts of companies, tradespeople, banks, service providers.

Over two decades of life in France, I have had all sorts of diverse experiences, have been busy with all sorts of things and met all sorts of people! I have been through many of life’s vicissitudes, either personally or helping loved ones and clients, and been involved with many different activities at a number of levels, including equestrian and cultural. Your request, or problem, may seem unusual but I may well be able to help somehow (or find you somebody who can!). Don’t hesitate to ask!

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Victoria Maître Headdon: Translator & Interpreter providing advice and assistance to Anglophones in France. My mobile: 00 33 (0)6 65 62 26 38.

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