Yes, I can indeed help you with your house paperwork, feed your horse and walk your dog!

Having recently completed an MA in Translation, I found myself bitten by the studying bug. I was all set to do a Master’s in French Property Law when I had a change of heart. I found myself signing up to study animal care instead with a particular focus on horses, dogs and cats.

This sudden change of heart stems from a passion for animals, especially horses, and a yearning to do some outside work close to nature. I am utterly rubbish at gardening so that wasn’t an option but horses and animals have always been part of my life. I cannot remember learning to ride. I was very fortunate to grow up with ponies and horses as well as dogs, cats and farm animals. My love of nature and the countryside is one of the main reasons why I chose to live in the Gers, a rural département in southwest France, and since moving here over 20 years ago I have kept animals.

So a few weeks back, I was feeding my horses and my daughter’s pony and contemplating my future plans when it struck me that being with the horses is one of my favourite moments of the day. I just love taking care of them, as I do dogs and cats. Animals take me to my happy place away from my desk, screens, stressful situations and deadlines. Wheelbarrowing piles of hay and manure through the mud keeps me fit! I suddenly realised that I could fit in a few hours a week getting paid for going to my happy place! It didn’t take long to find the right course to qualify me to give the best possible service to my four-legged friends, and their two-legged owners, and also to obtain official certification (ACACED).

I am now able to offer certain services to horse and pet owners in the Gers and here are more details: Due to my other day jobs as a translator/interpreter/consultant and Estate Agent, unless I get myself cloned like Dolly the Sheep I can only help you if you are between Riguepeu (my home), Vic-Fezensac (my local town) and Castera-Verduzan (my office).

Published by Victoria Maître Headdon

I am a dual French-British national. I hold a degree in English and French law with French language awarded by the Universities of East Anglia and Lyons (Jean Moulin III). I have just completed an MA in Translation (final result awaited). After qualifying and working as a Barrister in London, I have worked in the French Real Estate industry since 2001. I am also a certified Property Valuer. I provide a wide range of Translation, Interpretation, Consulting and Lawyer-Linguist services, including in-person and video link interpreting. I am specialised in Real Estate, Private Law (contracts, divorce, wills, probate), Administrative Law (residency permits, nationality applications, health card registration) and I also have Corporate Law (companies and sole traders) expertise.

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