Energy Audit: A New Legal Requirement For French Property Sales

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What is the Energy Audit (audit énergétique)?

The Energy Audit involves a detailed survey of a property giving realistic scenarios to improve a property’s energy rating. The aim is that the property moves up into the higher categories to reach at least category B at the end of the proposed schedule of works. The works are budgeted, and the audit also details the building’s defects and the limits of its energy-use renovation.

When is the audit compulsory?

From 1st April 2023.

What types of properties does the audit apply to?

Houses and collective buildings for residential use where ownership is not shared sold from the above date.

Properties rated in categories F and G in the Diagnostic de Performance Énergétique – DPE (Energy Performance Report).

What about properties rated in other categories?

An audit of properties sold in category E will be compulsory from 1st January 2025 and in D from 1st January 2034.

What about current sales?

The audit is not compulsory if the preliminary contract (compromis) was signed before 1st April 2023.

How long is it valid for?

5 years.

Does the seller have to do work?

No. The audit must be made available to all potential buyers upon viewing. The property’s energy performance and the cost of suggested work will be factors taken into account when marketing the property and negotiating its sale.

Does the audit replace the DPE?

No. The DPE must be done first.

Who can do the audit?

For houses and buildings with just one lodging, a surveyor with DPE certification and AUDIT trained.

For collective buildings for residential use where ownership is not shared, a certified Bureau d’Études Thermiques (Thermal Surveying Firm).

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